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Vasilios Hatzisavas
+41 (0)71 - 670 0 670
Ioannis Tasidis
Managing director - Vice CEO
+41 (0)71 - 670 0 670
Markus Schreiber
+41 (0)71 - 670 0 670

Vasilios Hatzisavas: “Fine food fascinates me. From production to the consumer. Because our aim is to always satisfy our customers.”





Ioannis Tasidis: “My passion is developing food solutions. I will gladly share my enthusiasm, expert knowledge, experience and my eye for promising innovations with you.”

Ioannis Tasidis has more than 15 years of experience in foodstuffs. He knows first-hand that the food industry needs to face the rapid market changes in the future with customized quality.



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